Work Areas


a. Tree Walk

We understand that when people appreciate the tree they are more likely to protect and grow more trees. We conduct tree walks with veteran tree experts who sow the seed of love for trees through a 2 hr tree walk.

b. Tree Census

Tree census not only gives identity to a tree but valuable information is collected that can be used in many ways, for their protection as well as in planning future plantation. We have done the citys first Citizen tree census and it is now mandatory to log the citys trees through a census. We guide schools and RWAS to do a census of their trees.

c. Tree Protection

We are also actively involved in campaigning against concretization around trees and indiscriminate lopping. We are supporting the PIL Application 82 of 2013 in NGT We are campaigning for saving burm spaces as green areas that should be free from complete concretization. We sensitize builders to adopt alternate porous pavers rather than concretization of precious soil.

d. Promoting Right Plantation

We are engaged in preparing list of 100 most suitable trees for various cities which gives information on native trees that one can choose to plant.

e. Green Choices

The biggest threat to environment is what we do and use everyday. We advocate green choices that are sustainable. Reducing the use of plastic and promoting vegetarianism are the areas of focus. Celebrating eco friendly Diwali with Diyas and minimum electrical lights and crackers.


Animal and human conflict can be resolved if we act with mercy. Mercy is one of the four pillars of dharma. We are very intelligent beings and we should use this for being guardians of all creatures and abstain from causing suffering.

a. Compassionate Citizen program

We organize school programs and are partners of PETA in Delhi for their Humane education program Compassionate Citizen. We are encouraging the schools to involve their students in volunteering and donating to animal shelters through this program apart from making this CBSE recognized program part of the schools curriculum

b. Bird Bath program

Every summer we campaign to have the bird baths out to give releif to the stray dogs and the avian friends, from the scorching heat.